About Academy for Environmental Leadership

Mission Statement

The Academy for Environmental Leadership (AEL) is a small innovative learning community serving grades 9-12 with an interdisciplinary approach to learning focused on science, mathematics, and technology to develop the capacity of students to become environmental leaders. Our school will be a personalized community where each student's language, prior knowledge, and heritage are valued. AEL teaches students an awareness of the interrelationship between the environment and the community; furthermore, our students will achieve the level of expertise necessary to identify, assess and address environmental concerns.

AEL is a unique learning environment where students will:

  • Learn and interact with others in respectful and culturally appropriate ways
  • Connect all learning to real world issues
  • Be prepared for careers
  • Be prepared for Regents and college
  • Be treated as individuals
  • Have opportunities to design class and independent projects about subjects they are interested in
  • Be involved -- along with their parents -- in decision-making councils for the school
  • Be encouraged to take action in their neighborhood and the larger community
  • Receive real preparation for college admission and success in their senior year


AEL's Guiding Values

Students as Leaders

AEL students will become aware of the interrelationship between the environment and the community. Equipped with appropriate tools, students will develop their leadership skills.

Teachers as Facilitators

AEL faculty members operate as facilitators rather than lecturers. Teachers engage students as partners in their education enriching the overall learning experience and yielding desired performance results.

Parents as Partners

Parents and teachers often look at students' learning from different perspectives, but they share a common goal. This creates opportunities for innovative collaborations in support of the students.

Community as Resource

AEL will work to establish, retain and strengthen its relationship with the environment and the community. Furthermore, we will work to establish a culture in which the connection to the community can never be dismissed or treated as secondary to exam results.

School Partnerships

The New Visions for Public Schools was AEL's partner organization. We worked with them for four years to bring great assets into our school, including expertise that supported effective environmental leadership teaching, deep ties to the local community and additional resources on how to work effectively with you and your family. We presently partner with New York City College of Technology, Brooklyn College, Nature Conservancy, Summer Search ...